2018 Goose Control Program

The mandate of the Home Owners Association (HOA) is to manage the daily operation of the community owned property and facilities. In addition, the association continues to seek and implement cost-effective, efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions to keep the lake in as pristine a condition as possible.

We have a history of nuisance Canada Goose activity which requires intervention every year. The community has experienced damage to not only common property but to numerous residential lots as well. Residents enjoying our walking paths have been threatened by aggressive birds.

While the previous examples are annoying, our main concern is to the possible health risk to humans and to the possible degradation of our lake system due to the elevated presence of goose feces.

While not our current drinking water supply, the lake has been used by our water supplier, Corix Utilities as a back-up water source in previous years.

It looks like we have nesting pairs on all three islands. We’ve counted about 12 breeding pairs hanging out on the lawns of residences, upper lake and Lake House areas. Birds are staking their territory and a few have started nesting, now that the lake ice has disappeared.

The HOA applied for an Environment Canada Migratory Bird “Damage or Danger” Permit. We were successful in our application and have been approved as an authorized Permit Holder. Under the terms of the permit (Permit No. 18-AB-D006), specific Heritage Lake staff and volunteers have been approved to perform nest and egg disruption activities.

Please be aware that you may see several of our staff and volunteers, out and about the lake, removing nests and eggs under very strict Environment Canada regulations. This activity has started in the last few days.

If you are concerned that non-authorized individuals are disrupting any nests/eggs, please ask to see their permit. Our teams are required to carry a copy of the signed permit with them at all times while conducting nest/egg disruption activities.

Where homeowners have nests or eggs on their own residential land, they may approve our team to come on site and remove them. We plan to visit affected homeowners and remove nests/eggs from their property as long as they sign an environment Canada "Letter of Authorization".

If you have neighbors or know anyone with nests, please have them call Don Waldorf, our Community Manager at (403) 660-5334, if they wish bird intervention assistance.

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