2018 Organics Bin at Lake House

A large GREEN organics roll-off bin will be placed in the Lake House parking lot on May 4 and remain on-site until the Thanksgiving Long Weekend in October.

Residents are welcome to transport and dispose UNBAGGED grass clippings, leaves and small pruned branches in this organics-only dumpster.

Using a mulching lawn mower and leaf vacuum will alleviate 80% of your yard waste.

If you engage the services of a landscape contractor for yard work, THAT contractor is required to take accumulated waste WITH them when they depart and not use the HOA bin in the parking lot. Please make known this expectation. You're probably paying for it.

Please note that NO PLASTIC BAGS ARE PERMITTED -- only their contents. This bin will be under video surveillance and NO landscape contractors will be permitted to dump here.

PLEASE help us help YOU, and abide by these important guidelines. It's YOUR Association Fees we're looking after.

If you have any questions or require additional, please call our Community Manager Don Waldorf at (403) 660-5334.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

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