Sleepover Success!

We had a blast with 12 younger Heritage Lakers at the FIRST EVER Lake House Sleepover.

Games, BBQ Dinner, S'mores, Movies & Popcorn, Sleeping Bags to Pancakes with Strawberries & Whipped Cream for breakfast.

According to all the kids, we should do another Lake House Sleepover in the future.

Probably the best part of the event was the three or four children who decided to stay the entire night.

A few of the Moms suggested at drop-off, they'd be by around 11:00pm to pick up their kids. None of them wanted to leave, so way to go everybody!

A huge thank-you to all the Lake House Staff who helped out with the event. An extra special thank-you should go to Hannah, Kendall, Trevor & Zoe for staying the whole night!

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