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We continue to see criminal activity and acts of vandalism within our community. Of late, we have received reports of vehicle thefts, prowling of cars and garages and porch pirates (presumably seeking hidden keys and/or delivery packages). Vandalism of community property also continues to be a concern.

We need to work together to eliminate these activities in our community. Since most of the criminal activity involves “crimes of opportunity”, we can all help mitigate this activity by being vigilant in managing the security of our properties and assets. Please ensure your garage/house doors are closed and locked, your vehicles are locked at all times and keys are on your person or out of site within your homes.

In addition, we can all make our community more secure and less a less desirable target for criminals by watching out for each other. Please continue to report suspicious activity to the RCMP at 911 (emergency) or 403-938-4202 (non-emergency). The RCMP tells us that timely (i.e. immediate) reporting creates the best scenario for them to be able to apprehend these criminals. Please note that we cannot make third party reports to the RCMP, they need to get the information from you directly.

We would also like to try to provide more information to residents on criminal activity in our community through our resident email distribution list and through our community Facebook page ( If you are not signed up onto our email distribution list, you may do so at

Please email the Lake House at with any suspicious activity you encounter so that we can track the criminal activity in the community and continue to keep our residents informed.

Finally, we continue to get questions about additional measures that could be taken such as hiring a security company to monitor our community or making our community a gated community. The board has discussed these options multiple times over the last several years and concluded that these approaches are either not feasible, not effective and/or cost prohibitive.

Let’s all do our part to tackle this issue together.

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