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Annual General Meetings of the LAHPOA

The Annual General Meeting of the Association takes place in early June each year.  Notification of the meeting will be provided no later than 14 days prior. 

Quorum requires that 10% of Homeowners be registered to convene an AGM. Registration is based on both physical attendance at the meeting and by duly authorized Proxy Form.

An AGM package is delivered to each household prior to the meeting.  It contains:

All Association members “In Good Standing” may attend and vote upon proceedings.  Any Homeowner “In Good Standing” may stand for election to the Board of Directors.

The next Annual General Meeting of the LAHP Owners Association

will take place, in person, on Wednesday, June 21, 2023, starting at 5:00pm

Cottonwood Golf and Country Club

226 Ave E, Foothills, AB

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