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LAHP Gate Access

Only resident Homeowners (in Good Standing) and their authorized Guests are entitled to the Lake House, Beach, Sports Court, Upper Pond Park or any other gate-controlled common area.  These amenities are accessible only with the assigned Smart Phone App (VizPin) that is linked to a specific telephone number.

​New resident Homeowners should visit, or call, the Lake House at (403) 263-5540 to initiate access to the VizPin app.  You will be asked to sign our waivers of liability.   Please bring with you a copy of your Land Title plus photo identification to verify your new address.  

All eligible Association members over the age of 14 (ID required) may request access to the VizPin app, which is to be loaded onto your smartphone.  Access is the responsibility of the member and may be used by only the member to whom it was issued.  Guests must be accompanied by an access holder at all times.  Failure to abide by these conditions may result in access privileges being revoked.

Download the Waiver of Liability Form here.  

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