Landscaping & Architectural Controls

All landscaping plans and changes/modifications to exterior structural architecture/appearance require approval by the Board of Directors of the Lake at Heritage Pointe Homeowners Association to ensure compliance with stated standards. Schedule “C” of your Community Bylaws provides a quick reference as to elements included.


Full details of current standards (as at 2005) may be found here: The Lake at Heritage Pointe Architectural and Landscape Guidelines.

Submissions for Architectural and Landscape Changes

Homeowners must submit a request for any Change, Addition or other Modification whether Architectural/Structural or Landscaping in nature.

Include detail on Design; Project and Materials; and Site Plan for review by the Architecture & Landscape Subcommittee of the Board of Directors. Please use your home’s Real Property Report to detail changes in approximate scale.

As a courtesy to your immediate neighbours, the Committee requires homeowners seek their endorsement by way of signing a Statutory Declaration form indicating their name and address. This is meant to inform neighbours of work that may be disruptive for a period of time. No project will be denied provided it remains within the scope of community Landscape and Architectural Guidelines.


Submissions may be delivered physically to the Lakehouse or via email to Submissions will be reviewed upon receipt and may involve a site visit by Committee members and/or the Community Manager.

Please refer to the Architectural and Landscape Design Guidelines in the Restrictive Covenant and Encumbrances Agreement registered against your Land Title for specific details. Note that Restrictive Covenants and Encumbrances are registered against the title of every lot in the Lake at Heritage Pointe community; additional and specific Easement, Encroachment and Restrictive Covenants exist for all Lake Shore lots. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to become familiar with and work within all Community Standards.

Easement Encroachment & Restrictive Covenant for Lakeshore Lots may be acquired through: