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Heritage Pointe Sports Fields

The playing fields located on the west side of Heritage Lake Drive and north of Pine Creek Road are owned by Foothills County and opened in 2013 as an initiative of the Dunbow Recreation Board. Foothills County manages the maintenance of the fields, and the LAHPOA assists with dragging the ball diamond surface during the open season.

The soccer field and baseball diamond are available for use by any resident of the County at no cost. Their use is managed by the Lake at Heritage Pointe Owners Association. To inquire as to availability of the soccer field or ball diamond, please direct email to or call the Lake House at (403) 263-5540.

Thanks to a generous grant donation from the Dunbow Recreation Board, the LAHPOA acquired softball and soccer equipment available for use upon request. Again, please contact the Lake House in this regard.

Groups using the sports fields are requested to park vehicles in the space provided at that location. Please do not use the Lake House parking lot as it is reserved for use by those enjoying the Lake or attending Lake House functions.

Please note that the sports field is NOT an off-leash dog park. Dogs are forbidden from the playing fields for reasons of safety and cleanliness. Violators may be subject to prosecution.

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